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Services and State Inspections in Taunton, MA

Massachusetts State Lemon Aid Law

If you've recently purchased a car in Massachusetts, you've likely heard that you need a state inspection on the vehicle. This inspection coincides with the Lemon Aid Law, which allows the purchaser of a vehicle to void or cancel the contract if their vehicle fails to pass inspection within one week of purchase. If the estimated cost of repairs for the emissions system or overall safety of the vehicle is estimated to exceed 10 percent of the purchase price, you will be able to void the sale as well. Walt's Auto Service Center routinely conducts these inspections and understands the importance of inspecting a vehicle quickly to allow the buyer ample time to utilize the Lemon Aid Law.

Which Parts Are Inspected

Numerous parts on your car are assessed during the state inspection. We look closely at your vehicle's suspension to gauge overall safety. We also look at the shocks and struts to check for everyday or extreme wear. The brakes in your car are inspected to gauge whether or not new pads need to be installed.
Two repair man installing car wheel - Walt's Auto Service Center, Taunton, MA
Man inspecting car - Walt's Auto Service Center, Taunton, MA

Additional Services with Inspection

Many cars brought in for these inspections can also benefit from an oil change. Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine if any repairs outside of the inspection are needed to ensure safe operation of your vehicle. We'll happily make recommendations based on our own experience and will guide you through our thought process for any additional repairs we think are needed.